Friday, July 24, 2009

Let's Go Tubing!! Whee!!!

When a co-worker of mine told me one Friday that her weekend plans were to go "tubing," I immediately reminisced about my summer's as a child being dragged by a speed boat across the lake on an inner tube and holding on for dear life. Yes, that's what us Yankees call fun. So, when I told my friend that story, she looked at me like I was crazy (I'm pretty used to that look by now) and told me "tubing" in Texas meant lounging on an inner tube and drinking beer while floating down a river. Sounds like my kind of downtime! A summer tradition for most Texans that I have yet to experience, but will hopefully get the chance before this season's end. New Braunfels, TX is an excellent place to enjoy river tubing according to the many people I've talked to. Bring your own tube, a cooler full of drinks and food, and enjoy the scenery with friends and family. Sounds like the perfect way to enjoy Summer in Texas!

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