Saturday, May 30, 2009

Big Ass Beer!!!

Molly's Pub in Downtown Houston is the place to be for good beer, great bar food, and a friendly staff! While bar hopping on a Sunday afternoon, my crew and I decided to embark this tiny little Irish pub while I was stumbling on Main Street (don't fall on the Metro track), which sits next to a dance club of all places!! Having been to other pubs in Houston, and being semi-impressed, I was starting to become discouraged at the fact that an authentic Irish pub was simply too much to ask for in Texas.

Low and behold, Molly's Pub met all of my expectations!! Not to mention, the staff was extremely attentive and personable. It almost felt as if I was visiting a college campus, because it felt like a party atmosphere during a Sunday afternoon. The only downside to my experience would be climbing a lengthy staircase to get to the toilet. After quite a few beers, you could see how that would be an obstacle.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Carnival by the Bay

As I approached the Kemah Boardwalk, I was suddenly reminiscent of my younger days, when going on roller coaster rides and eating cotton candy till I turned queasy was just another glorious day! Not only does the boardwalk have a merry-go-round, a roller coaster, and an Aquarium, it also has some of the best restaurants in Texas, from the typical tourist traps to fine dining. I was amazed that all of this, including a hotel, was on this boardwalk. I have never been to the Santa Monica Pier, but I can only imagine this is a smaller version, a cliff notes, perhaps.

Immediately overwhelmed by the amount of people (I went on Mother's Day, SO not recommended) , it appeared to me that this is one of the only places in Texas where families can eat, drink and play, without having to walk much. Parking is free, unless it's one of those lazy days, then it's $6 closer to the boardwalk.

If you decide to go for the free parking, and it's one of those adult adventures, try stopping by a few bars along the way before spending a fortune on cocktails on the pier. The Monkey Bar was a nice, friendly neighborhood dive, with live entertainment on the patio. Palapas is a biker bar that plays loud rock music, but has a tiki-beachcomber theme to it--go figure! There are also a myriad of little shops and restaurants if you don't like what the boardwalk has to offer.

It was a little too touristy for me, but I did enjoy walking around Kemah and seeing what the boardwalk has to offer for my future little-littles. I was impressed to see a live band in the center of all the madness, with room for people to sit and dance! The later you arrive, the more adult-friendly the boardwalk becomes. This is a definite can't miss for anyone visiting the Houston-Galveston area.,

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Piece of Texas History

During an ultra laid-back Sunday, my boyfriend and I decided to explore the old battlegrounds at the San Jacinto Museum and Park in La Porte, TX. Now mind you, not being from Texas and only just learning of the "Battleship," it was tricky to find, with all the offshore oil distribution companys nearby. Alas, we spotted the Texas State Monument, which led us to a huge park with families picnicing under the shadows of the great battleship. We decided to skip the battleship, which costs $10 to tour, so we instead scoured the old battlegrounds and spotted a few graveyards and took in the great view of the bay. It's free to picnic and walk the grounds, where you can take awesome pictures of the battleship.

I wore gym shoes as I knew we would be doing a LOT of walking, but I wasn't prepared for the mosquitos there that ate me alive! Also, wear lot's of sunscreen, especially if planning to walk on the battleship. My fair, Irish-skinned self should have worn a hat and sunglasses, so if you are sensitive to the sun as well, make sure to wear both.

It was interesting to see so much history in a public park. You could bring the family there for a lazy Sunday picnic, pets are also allowed. It's also a nice place to stop at on your way to Kemah, as it is only 20 min. away! Beautiful scenery along with a piece of Texas history, makes me feel proud to be a Texan!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!!

Walking into the Houston Zoo is like entering a far away island full of exotic animals and tropical plants, like being on Jurassic Park. Although, instead of having to travel by plane or boat, it's smack dab in the middle of Houston! Enjoy a day of family fun without the hassle of a long drive by taking the Metro. Let the kids interact with the animals at the Petting Zoo and pack a lunch as the food available to purchase there is quite pricey. The Zoo Keepers are very friendly and can offer their knowledge on all the animals habits.

Take in the scenery and feel like you are on a tropical getaway. I was amazed by the considerable amount of exotic plant life, it was as if I forgot I was in Texas, but in some resort in Mexico. Y0u can find discounts by clicking on this link:

The Zoo also offers a listing of free days Beware-- it can be quite packed during those days!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mucho Margaritas!!!

Great Mexican food, $1.50 margaritas. Need I say more?!

I stumbled upon Los Cucos Mexican Cafe off of 290 and Jones Rd. one Friday afternoon (it was Good Friday, after all!) to enjoy margaritas and an appetizer with my friend. Beware of the dangerous but oh so delicious margaritas. They are cheap but worth more than what you pay for, if you catch my drift! The courteous bartender does make you order an appetizer after your fourth or fifth round. I felt like I was on vacation in Mexico with the authentic drinks and food, along with the friendly staff who make everyone feel at home. As far as entrees go, the Parilla San Luis is a customer favorite, which includes Pollo Asada, Beef Short Ribs, Pork Canitas, Queso Flameado and Cheese Quesadillas. In some Los Cucos locations a Sunday Breakfast and Brunch is served.

Go to Los Cucos Mexican Cafe where every day feels like Cinco De Mayo!

Friday, May 1, 2009

She's a Brick...House!!

Known for their "man food" and "beer bongs," Brick House Tavern & Tap is a bar every man has been hoping for in Houston. They offer a wide selection of beers, in many different sizes, from 40's to kegs, to the ever famous "table taps," which is perfect for a table of four who enjoy the same beer and who don't have a lot of cash (A 50 oz. goes for usually goes for $20). You can also make a meal out of the appetizers. My friends and I dined on Meatloaf Sliders, House-smoked BBQ Rib Stack, Chili-Cheese Tots and The Big Onion Stack.
The staff, which consisted of girls in their mid-twenties who can still wear mid-drift t-shirts and daisy dukes, were very friendly and provided excellent service. The tavern and bar area has a homey feel, half-outdoors and half-indoors, and there is even a fire pit for those once-in-a -while cool nights in Houston. Fun atmosphere, great food reminiscent of my Midwestern haunts, who could ask for more?