Saturday, July 11, 2009

If All Else Fails, Road Trip!!

Last Sunday I was plagued by cabin fever and a low bank account. I suggested going to the beach for the afternoon to the boy, but he apparently wasn't up for another sunburn. So, we just jumped in our Jeep and went for a drive, heading West on 290 towards Austin. We decided to take our chances down Hwy 6 towards Bryan-College Station, not knowing what little towns we would find along the way. Cruising down the highway, we kept seeing signs for Navasota. Curious, we took a slight detour to this small town resembling the Old West, but with antique stores and a dance studio. It was interesting to see buildings from the 1800s left untouched, not remodeled for the 21st century. The downtown strip in Navasota only stretches about 6 blocks, perfect for antiquing.

Back on the road, we entered College Station about a half hour later. The town is beautiful, and Texas A & M University is so huge, it should just be its own city. We toured some of the campus and stumbled upon the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, which was just down the road from A & M. The boy had to ask a College Station police officer how to get to the museum, as our GPS was taking us in circles as usual.

The officer snickered at his fashion statement of the day--a Texas Longhorns baseball cap and an orange shirt to match. We would have been crucified if school wasn't out for summer!! In our defense, "Eh, how were we supposed to know? We're from Chicago, okay?!". We were led by the cop to the museum, and to our dismay it closed at 5pm, so we strolled by the peaceful pond on the museum grounds and gazed at the beautiful scenery. We ended our road trip with a Sonic dinner (gotta love those chili-cheese tots!) and a relaxing drive home. Didn't spend much, still had over half a tank of gas, and saw three new places we would have never seen if we didn't detour onto Hwy 6. Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Texas!


  1. Great recap. I drive thru Navasota everytime I go to Austin, but have never stopped and meandered.

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