Monday, October 5, 2009

Cheap Girls Night Out

For I am a recently made single woman, my friend suggested we take a trip to Howl at the Moon in Houston for a "Girls Night Out." When you think of going to a bar in Houston, you know there will most likely be a cover charge, and of course having to pay to park your car so it doesn't (gasp!) get towed. I was a little skeptical at first, as I have very limited funds being I have to support myself. Boy, was I ever surprised at how you can make a girls night in Houston cheap!

Cover at Howl at the Moon was only $7, parking $6, and to top it off, me and my friends decided to get a drink bucket for $22 to share. Yes, I know, $22!! But, when you think about it, split among three people, you would be saving all the extra money you would spend on tipping for each cocktail you would swig down in 15 min. Plus, the dueling piano playing and the sing along are what make this bar so worthwhile, half the time you forget alcohol is part of your party high.

After our oh so many buckets o' liquor, we of course needed food, preferably something really greasy and bad for us to soak up the alcohol. My friend, being the pro that she is, walked us across this dark and scary parking lot (btw, make sure you are in a group when doing this, we were pretty stupid) and low and behold in a small office plaza was Gotham Pizza. I felt like I was in New York all over again! I bought a huge slice of pepperoni, which tasted like heaven! I don't think I would have survived the next day if it weren't for Gotham Pizza! And at $5 a slice, how could you beat it?

Good atmosphere, good drinks, and good food, all for under $40! Man, I love Houston!!