Friday, July 17, 2009

Best Fish Fry in Texas! (Well, so far!)

Last Friday I was invited by friends for a fish fry at what they called a "Hole in the Wall" sports bar. "Once you see the trailers, you'll know why I call it that," my friend said as we were driving there, unaware that I am no stranger to bars with rickety bar stools and an aura of stale beer.

As we pulled into the gravel covered parking lot, I became a little worried. I saw the two double-wide trailers parked at opposite ends, and there behind a menagerie of pick-up trucks and 100 year old trees was a wooden shack that looked like it was stolen off the set of "Young Guns." I was afraid to be the first to walk in, but felt eased when I heard Justin Timberlake's "Rock your Body" playing on the jukebox. Phew!
A friendly face resembling a 1950s barbie doll greeted us with a "How y'all doin' tonite?" and as we sat at the bar, I noticed the friendly faces of the regulars, their welcoming grins making us feel right at home. Their fish fry was only $10, and was enough food for two! The cook graciously told us while he was sitting at the bar sipping on Shiner that Tues.-Thurs. are a can't miss, for it's all you can eat steak for $16!! I can only imagine how amazing their steaks could taste after feasting on the best fish fry I've ever had! Like my friend Chuck said "It's the perfect Friday night out." Not only were my friends and I well fed, we also enjoyed the country home-like atmosphere. If you live around or are visiting the Cypress, TX area, this is a definite can't miss! Wick's Sports Bar, 14600 Cypress North Houston Road, near the intersection of Cypress NorthHouston Rd. and N. Kolbe Dr.

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  1. I am checking it out tonight! Some country singer I just heard about will be playing and he is actually reaaally good! excited to find this review because I was curious about where I was going!