Monday, April 27, 2009

Crawfish Festival

Because I am what you would call a Texan-implant, I have yet to attend a festival named after a crustacean. Attending the Texas Crawfish Festival in Old Town Spring was one of my many firsts, after having only lived in Texas for 9 months. It's an honored tradition, signaling the start of Spring, as well as a time when friends and family can get together while peeling away at tiny crawfish bodies and having a beer. I went with some friends of mine who weren't so much into to the featured food as they were to the live entertainment. For $10 I was allowed to walk the music grounds of the festival, where you can hear country from the Budweiser stages to music from Louisiana at the Zydeco stage. I enjoyed listening to the Jon Evans Band while sipping on my $5 Ziegenbock beer. The food and drink prices are typical of any fest, but I'm sure if you bought a bucket of crawfish and boiled shrimp with a beer or two it would be well worth the money. A carnival and games for kids were also located by the live entertainment, convenient for parents who can let their kids enjoy rides nearby as they sit back and listen to some of the best music this state has to offer.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Beer Can House

I am now officially a published photographer!! My photo of the Beer Can House in Houston, TX is published in the 7th edition of the Schmap Houston Guide! Thanks to, I am now a photographer in addition to a published writer! Woo-hoo!

My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this gloriously gleaming house in the middle of a residential area last September while we were touring our new city of Houston. With no job and no money, we decided to look up different landmarks. Once we heard of the house made out of Beer Cans, we were totally sold and had to see what all the fuss was about. Once we came up to the house, you could literally smell the stale scent of beer from all those years ago. In fact, the owner of the home lived in that house long before it was covered in beer cans. He started to collect them over the years, and covered his whole home, even the mailbox and planters, in beer cans. Click on this link for more photos I took of the Beer Can House:

I will be attending Fiddler's Frolic in Hallettsville, TX this Sunday! Can't wait!