Friday, August 28, 2009

Chappell Hill, The Birthplace of Texas!!!

One scorching hot Sunday, the boy and I decided to take his nieces and nephew on an adventure just down the road from us on 290, to a little place called Chappell Hill. For those of you born and bred in TX, you most likely know the town for their tasty sausage, but were you also aware of Chappell Hill being one of the first settlements in TX?

The Chappell Hill Museum offers detailed displays on the Texas Civil War era, with photos, descriptions and stories told of soldiers and how their families coped. The museum is in what used to be the Chappell Hill College for Women. You can actually sit in a replica of an old school room, which is fun for kids and adults alike! They even have old clothes and artifacts from the 1900s for people to try on and handle. It's free admission, with donations welcome.

Main St. in Chappell Hill is reminiscent of the Old West, charming and provincial. You can find the Visitor's Center, the Old Rock Store, Providence Baptist Church and the 1907 Historic Bank. It's fun just to walk down Main St. and view the old buildings.

Chappell Hill is rich in culture, known for it's history of higher education, cotton and Polish immigration. It's also close to the Brazos River, where you can go just off of 290 when heading back east, and take in the wonderful views of the river that was once used to ship cotton from Chappell Hill to Galveston Island.

A historic getaway that is educational and free? Now that's what I call a perfect family sunday!


  1. Love your blog, Tracey! I moved to Texas from Missouri nearly 6 years ago now, and haven't regretted it for a minute. Like you, I've had quite an adventure discovering this amazing state and I've just begun! Looking forward to reading your blog.
    Oh, and between adventures, you may want to take a look at Roads Less Traveled at There are a lot of Texas entries in my blog, too.
    Happy travels!

  2. Love it!! Especially since my man is a Baranowski!!

  3. Hey there Tracey!! Great post, my friend!! My parents have a place just north of Chappell Hill, so we pass through there quite a bit. Never been to the museum!! We must do that next time!!
    Well, I wanted to know that you are missed here at RMRC...:( BUT I know you are moving on to bigger and better things!! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU TRACEY and keep in touch!!!
    Sonja Patterson

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